About Us

About Us

A crane expert and supplier, Sin Eng Aun Mobile Crane Sdn Bhd has its long history stretching back to its incorporation days in the year 1996. Over the years, Sing Eng Aun Mobile Crane has grown both solidly to reach the current level of successes, providing all types of crane parts and services. We offer:

  • Mobile Cranes Rental Services 
  • Sales of Cranes Sales 
  • Logistics Services 
  • Self Loaders 
  • Variety type of Material Handling Equipment 
  • Heavy Transportation 
  • Hydraulic Parts 
  • Hoses and Fittings  
  • Adapters

 These are part of the products in our portfolio, kindly contact us and/or visit our office located at Lot 1061, Jalan Pangkalan MK6, Bukit Tengah, Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang for more information.

Our Service

Our Condition of Hiring of Crane, Lorry Crane, Lorry Skylift, Shelf Loader, Moving Service etc. Specialize in: * Self Loader Truck Services & Rental * Transportation of Heavy Equipment Items * Provide all Kind of self Loader Truck related service (Include Road Accident & Vehicles Breakdown etc.) * Removal of Factories Heavy Machinery & Constriction Equipments (Include Forklifts,Tractors,Excavators,Compactors,Cranes etc.) * Lorry Transportation (Include Containers,Cables,Metal,BiarC etc.)

TG 350M Crane

The total rated loads shown are for the case when the outriggers are set horizontally on firm ground. The values are based on the crane stability. The foundation, working conditions, etc. should be taken into consideration adequately when performing crane operations according to the total rated load chart for the case when the outriggers are not used (over rear).
The weights of slings and hooks (350kg for a 35 ton capacity hook and 100kg for a 4 ton capacity hook) are included in the rated loads shown.
Total rated load is based on the actual working radius including the deflection of the boom. 
Number of part lines for each boom length should not exceed the valures below. The load per line should not exceed 4 tons for both the main winch and the auxiliary winch.